What is a Special Interest Group?

These meetings are on hold for now.

PSGS members with similar genealogy interests have formed Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These meetings are informal, with lots of time for discussion and interaction. Each meeting usually focuses on a specific topic and members are encouraged to share their research and knowledge. Bring your family research, including surnames, regions, dates, and “brick walls” or questions you are researching. Also share information about sources you have found to be helpful. Meeting times are as indicated below and are held at Sylvan Way location of Kitsap Regional Library.

If a group is interested in a particular geographic area or topic for which PSGS doesn’t have an active special interest group, and the group would like to meet in the Genealogy Center, please let us know by contacting the Genealogy Center Coordinator to discuss available meeting dates/times.

Ancestry SIG
2nd Monday, monthly – 10:15 am
Heninger Meeting Room
Facilitated By: Jean Yager


2nd Monday, monthly – 11:30 am
Heninger Meeting Room
Facilitated By: Larry Harden


 Family Tree Maker SIG
2nd Tuesday, monthly - Noon

Heninger Meeting Room

Facilitated by:  Hazel Thornton