Death Records

Obituary Records Project

Committee members began meeting in 1999 to record obituaries into a card file system and enter the names into a database. Our obituary files include information dating back to 1891 and were obtained primarily from local and regional newspapers. We officially stopped collecting obituaries August 31, 2012, due to space limitations and the availability of recent obituaries in the online editions of local and regional newspapers. We do, however, have a few obituaries for 2013.


The following documents will assist the researcher--a key to the abbreviations used in the obituary database and the index of more than 40,000 obituaries on file at Sylvan Way, Kitsap Regional Library.

Obituary Abbreviation Key

Click Here to Open Obituary File

If you would like to request a copy of an obituary, please submit an Obituary Research Request Form.


Funeral Home Records Project

We have also created an index of funeral home records from the Lewis and Pendleton-Gilchrist (now Rill Chapel’s Life Tribute Center) Funeral Homes in Kitsap County, Washington. PSGS members copied information from the funeral home ledgers onto index cards. These records date from 1903 to 1939. The funeral home records database is separate from the obituary database.


The index of funeral home records on file at Sylvan Way can be found by clicking on the following link.

Click Here to Open Funeral Home File


If you would like to request a copy of a funeral home record, please submit a Funeral Home Record Request Form.